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Current E-Juice Menu

Colorado Vape & Glass Co. House Juice

30ml $10    120ml $35                       Nic  0  3  6  12

MAUI WOWIE  Red Apple, Pomegranate, Pineapple
JUICY FRUIT  Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, a touch of Menthol
THE CHRONIC  Tastes like a Baja Blast
TRAIN WRECK   Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Honeydew with a touch of Mint
SOUR DIESEL   Fruit Loops Cereal
PINEAPPLE EXPRESS   Pineapple, Banana, Coconut
GREEN CRACK   Peppermint
GORILLA GLUE   Strawberry, Banana Smoothie
MANGO KUSH   Mango, Peach
ACAPULCO GOLD   Strawberry, Coconut and Cream
ORANGE HAZE   Orange Creamsicle
VANILLA O.G   A delicious Vanilla Cupcake
MOTHERS Milk   Strawberries blended into a creamy Vanilla Popsicle
STRAWBERRY KUSH   Strawberry Kiwi
AK-47   Tastes just like Sweet Tarts
NORTHERN LIGHTS   Jolly Rancher Watermelon Candy
GRAPE APE   Grape Jolly Rancher
WHITE WIDOW   Smooth Tobacco with Irish Cream
PANAMA RED- Tobacco with a Caramel Cream Finish



Mountain Pass Premium Elixir

30ml  /  120ml                                    Nic   0  3  6 

Independence Pass   A decadent blend of Blueberry and sweet custard in a Graham Cracker Crust.
Lizard Head Pass   A candied Pear, drizzled in Caramel and sprinkled with brown sugar.
 Red Mountain Pass   A luscious Strawberry, sweetened with Marshmallow & infused with a touch of Acai Berry.
Monarch Pass   A marvelous mix of apples and berries. If an apple a day is good for you, wait till you try Monarch Pass.




Coastal Clouds

30ml   /  60ml                           Nic   0  3  6

The Traveler   Refreshing Italian ice bursting with sweet blood orange, tropical mango and tart lemon. 
The Abyss   Juicy and mouthwatering watermelon
salt water taffy.
The Voyage   A warm crunch berry rice crispy treat covered in gooey marshmallow.

Fuggin Vapor Co.

120ml                Nic  0  3  6  12

Shake Dat Ass   Ripe sweet strawberries blended into a creamy and tasty milkshake.

Blue Waffle   Blueberry bready waffle, with a dash of fluffy whipped cream.

Green Goblin   Gooey-gushy flavor oozing with apple tanginess.

Blue-Gurt   Ripe, freshly picked blueberries mixed into a smooth yogurt treat.

Tricks-Treats   Rainbow cereal smothered in gooey marshmallows and crispy rice squares.

Lemon Drop   Tart and tangy, sweet and precise lemon treat.

Inside Peanut Butter Outside Jelly   Just like mom's classic peanut butter & jelly but without the crust.

Taffed Out   Salt water taffy bursting with red and white grapes.

Jaws   Watermelon, citrus, cherry, grape, & lime.

Jelly Jaws   Tart and sweet berries swirled together with smooth, sugary cream candy.



Bubble Gang E-Liquid

60ml                   Nic  0  3  6

OG Bubba   A fresh watermelon inhale, with a pink bubblegum aftertaste.


Sour Menace   Fresh ripe tartness of green apples mixed with bubble gum.


Grape Ape   Vivid notes of grape flavor rolled into a chewy piece of sweet bubblegum.




60ml                     Nic  3  6

Supernova Squirt   Essence of peach fused with the sweet and invigorating taste of raspberry tea.



Savage E-Liquid

60ml               Nic  0  3  6  12

Hugh Jackman   Strawberry Whipped Cream Coffee Cake.

Claire Underwood   Sweet Pink Watermelon Jolly Candy.

Harley Quinn   Delicious Raspberry Cookie w/ hints of Sugar and Cream.

Jason Bourne   Pineapple & Strawberry Slushy.

White   Refreshing Lime Raspberry Fusion.

Pinkman   Fruity Peach Strawberry.

Underwood   Blue Raspberry Candy Razzmatazz.

Cena   Waffle Cone Banana Ice Cream.

Bond   Dragonfruit Kiwi Strawberry Menthol.



Naked 100

60ml                   Nic   0  3  6  12

Lava Flow   Strawberry with a tang of Pineapple and a touch of Coconut.

Sour Sweet   Sweet & Sour candies for your sweet tooth.

Green Blast   Tart Granny Smith Apples paired with sweet honeydew and Kiwi.

Braine Freeze   This pairing of Kiwi and Pomegranate come together with a touch of menthol.

Yummy Gum   Fruity Bubble Gum for your vaping pleasure.

Amazing Mango   Yummy ripe Mangoes with light notes of Peach and smooth creamy exhale.

Hawaiian Pog   Tropical island flavor combination of Passion Fruit, Orange and Guava.

Very Berry   Berry combination of Blueberries, Blackberries and hint of zesty Lemon.

All Melon   Refreshing trio of juicy Watermelon, crisp Honeydew Melon and Sweet Cantaloupe.

Euro Gold   An exceptional light body tobacco blend.

Cuban Blend   A flavorful, medium bodied tobacco with an expertly balanced composition of the Caribbean's finest tobacco.

American Cowboy   Takes you on a ride with a classic tobacco cut, featuring a full bodied rich tobacco blend.



30ml                 Nic  0  3  6  12


Unicorn Milk   A perfect blend of enhanced strawberry extract and four unique fresh creams.


Mega Melons   A trifecta of mango, cantaloupe, and papaya creates this delectable combination of refreshing tropical flavors.


Bird Brains   A fresh out of box fruit cereal.


Tobacco Trail   A blend of honey-soaked tobacco leaves, dried out to the perfect level of moisture and squeezed right into the bottle.




60ml                Nic  0  3  6

Baby Clouds   a wonderful multi-flavor layered e juice that will tickle your taste buds with subtle undertones of Vanilla, Strawberry, Custard, and Nuts.


Hunnid K   creamy caramelized peanut butter backed by smooth pistachio.



Omega CBD Concentrate

15ml            75mg   /  150mg           No Nicotine

The Natural   the name says it all; all natural CBD with no flavoring added.

Vanilla Bean   naturally organic smooth and delicious vanilla ice cream.

Twilight   chewy pink candy with all natural flavors that melt in your mouth.

Strawberry   unique all-organic strawberry flavor with a creamy finish.


Omega CBD E-Juice

30ml     30mg       No Nicotine

Pear   Delicious Pear & Coconut

Pink    Like a Starburst Fruit Chew

Fresa   Mouth Watering Strawberry




60ml            Nic   0  3  6

A freshly baked homemade artisan Strawberry Cheesecake.




Vapin Goodies

60ml                    Nic   0  3  6

Berry Nightmare   Blueberries & Blackberries are baked on a golden crisp graham cracker base topped with sweet cream & marshmallow.


Dreamy Berries   Strawberries heavily layered atop a slightly crisped, golden sheet of perfectly baked pie crust all finished off with fluffy whipped cream.



Jam Monster

100ml                Nic  0  3  6

Blueberry Jam   Buttered Toast with Blueberry Jam.

Strawberry Jam   Buttered Toast with Strawberry Jam.

Apple Jam   Buttered Toast with Apple Jam.



dot Juice

60ml              Nic   0  3  6

dotChill    Georgia Peach & Apricot Marmalade chilled w/ an icy cold exhale.


dotCream   Three types of Cream w/ sweet luscious Dark Berries.


dotFruit   Watermelon & Cocnut Slushie.





BLVK Unicorn

60ml   $30                                   Nic  0  3  6


UNICHEW   Sweet chewy candy with an explosive strawberry center.


UNIAPPLE   Imagine taking a bite into a freshly picked Fuji Apple.  It's crisp initial taste is matched perfectly with a tart finish.


UNINUTS   Prepare to go nuts over this vanilla bean ice cream treat topped with hazelnut and almonds.


UNICOCO   Crisp and juicy pear slices combined with milky coconuts.


FRZNBERRY   Combination of vine-ripened strawberries and refreshing menthol.





100ml   $35                                  Nic  0  3  6


A.S.A.P.   Sour candy mix of green apple, sweet strawberry, and peach with a cool exhale.


GUAVA POP   Guava hard candy finished with a sweet peach.


BRUCE LEECHEE   Juicy mangos with a soft touch of sweet lychee.







60ml   $30                                      Nic  0  3  6


Smurf   Blue raspberry slushy.


Donkey   Fruit punch medley.


Komala   Tropical fruit gum.




100ml   $35                                        Nic  0  3  6


Green Apple   Crisp+Sweet+Juicy+Tangy


Peach   Juicy+Ripe+Aromatic+Fuzzy+Sweet


Grapefruit   Sweet+Tangy+Sour+Tart


Lychee   Juicy+Sweet+Exotic+Tropical






100ml $35                                           Nic  0  3  6


Milk Tea   Delicious fresh brewed creamy Boba Milk Tea.


Pistachio   Delightful fresh smooth milky Pistachio.



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