CO V&G Co.- Building Renovation: Turning an Old Space into a New Place

CO V&G Co.- Building Renovation: Turning an Old Space into a New Place

We have come such a longgg way with the buildout of the new store! We wanted to throw a blog up on the site to show the progress we made through the many stages of the buildout but more importantly we want to really say THANK YOU to everyone that put sooo much effort into making this store the amazing place that it is NOW and helping us achieve our dreams!

At the start of all this we had nothing but a super old skeleton of a building. We knew the work was going to be crazy but we saw great potential for this location that we decided to go ALL IN!

We spent days in here plastering the walls and smoothing them out to try and bring the feel of the space up to date and make it more modern. Then we started laying down our first coats pf primer and paint. We never could have gauged how many hours this process was going to take…

Possibly the BIGGEST problem we faced was taking down a cinder block wall that directly separated the front and back half of the store. We needed to open up this wall to create more retail space.


Product Display Cases

Now we were finally ready to start shopping for display cases. We ended up buying about 15 old display cases from a guy who had them sitting in storage for years. Now we just had to figure out how to make them match and add some modern touches to them (because they were almost all different styles). Our creative team of artist friends came up with really cool design idea for the cases. We ended up sanding, chalk painting and wax-coating all of the display cases. It was extremely time consuming, but worth it. They turned out very unique!

We built up the new walls to separate the back office from the vape bar area and installed new cool carpet in the space. Things were starting fall into place and a theme for our boutique head shop was coming together nicely.


Vape Bar and Shelving

Now we needed to start figuring out who was going to help us design and build out our vape bar and shelving. We ended up linking up with the dudes over at DEFIANCE HARDWOOD and they totally killed the woodwork for us! The guys were extremely helpful and just crazy talented. The wood work these guys do is insane. We really couldn’t have asked for more!

Painting with Style

Then we had our amazingly talented and wonderful artist friends start brainstorming the way we were going to paint the store. We knew we wanted to stay 100% Colorado-inspired throughout the entire buildout process. The girls ended up faux painting the first main wall an awesome faded out Colorado blue color. We decided to painted the main columns on the opposite wall in different hues of red and a ton of shading and highlighting. We wanted to add a little more modern artistic flare to the columns, we ended up sketching THC molecules on the tops of the columns. No joke this turned out sooo awesome. Thanks so much KAI AND DAMARR for all the help. We couldn’t have done it without you!


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